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Friday, 20 November 2015


Directors Grant Harvey, Steve Hoban & Brett Sullivan (the regular collaborators behind the Ginger Snaps series and TV's Orphan Black & Darknet) continue the odd Canadian tradition of producing Yuletide bloodbaths with the twisted anthology tales in A Christmas Horror Story.
Willy Shatner plays a drunken radio host who has the dismal task of working on Christmas Eve while a horrible occurrence is taking place at the local mall.  Four other stories are sloppily wrapped around this narrative that all vary immensely in tones.  Whether it be hilariously entertaining, effectively creepy or downright disturbing, the different story's tone and atmosphere are constantly broken because of the silly idea of going back & forth between the different tales.  If not for this glaring pacing mistake it'd be a thoroughly entertaining holiday horror classic in my books.

3 bad-ass monster-slaying Santas out of 5

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