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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

PTU: Police Tactical Unit (2003)

aka Tactical Unit: Into the Perilous Night

A small team of Hong Kong police search for a comrade’s missing gun over the course of one eventful night. They’re the typical scumbag law enforcers that are common the world over, the kind that it's difficult to justifiably sympathise with, and yet somehow we do, and with each incremental, upwards notch of the danger level we're right there alongside them.
While it didn't have a huge budget, it has enough dramatic style and subtle humour to keep the meticulously paced slow burn engaging until the various threads of the story meet and the film becomes more than the sum of its parts; like the roads of a city, its avenues and pathways are interconnected.
There's music, occasionally, but mostly the sounds of the night time streets are what we hear, another subtle but perfect connection to the environment.

4 identical ringtones out of 5

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