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Sunday, 29 November 2015

L.A. SLASHER [2015]

Director Martin Owen's L.A. Slasher is a long out-dated, dim-wit attempt at an edgy satirical bite at everything that's wrong with modern pop culture.
A masked serial killer is driven by the trash that is today's entertainment business which includes reality TV "stars", socialite's famous for being famous, auto-tune drenched pop acts, social media celebrities who live by the Law of the Selfie, etc. etc.
With a tightly sculpted script with razor-sharp dialogue this might have worked (15 years ago) but sadly it has none of that and comes off as just as hollow as the crap it's trying to dissect.  Maybe that's the point?  Another example of what I like to call 'Natural Born Killers syndrome'.
Had this been funny, scary or gory it might attract a cult-like audience but there's none of that either and instead it just sits and makes me wonder who this was made for.

½ a teen mom starlet out of 5

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