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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

DARKMAN [1990]

Director Sam Raimi lays down the melodrama something fierce in his comic book-esque mad scientist thriller Darkman.
A brilliant doctor is left for dead by a group of thugs and unknowingly extracts revenge on each of them from within the shadows in this kitschy homage to olde tyme Universal horror films.
Although Raimi shows restraint from the same type of goofiness his Evil Dead flicks displayed, one can't help but notice how Darkman teeters between horror camp and straight-up spoofiness.  The plotting is occasionally a far-fetched mess but that's all part of it's charm, that is if this is your thing.  If it's not your thing then it's best advised you steer clear from this one because Raimi doesn't hold back from the popcorn cheese here.  No matter what, I like this movie and all it's operatic sequences, over-played tragedy and goofball cinematic atmospherics.

3 pink elephants out of 5

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