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Saturday, 21 November 2015


After three supremely shitty films in a row it seems the directing team known as Neveldine/Taylor have gone their separate ways to see how it all goes.
Brian Taylor's off working on Twisted Metal and it seems Mark Neveldine's dipping into found footage devil possession horror with The Vatican Tapes.
"Found footage devil possession horror" is all I have to say in order for you to completely understand the story from beginning to end.  We've all seen it before but the question is does Neveldine bring anything new to the table?
No.  Not really.  The first 2/3's of the film are pretty weak, aside from Olivia Dudley's startlingly great performance, however once we get to the obligatory exorcism finale things pick up with some wonderfully chaotic moments that shock to great effect.

2 things that perch, and sit, and nothing more out of 5


Borderline said...

So, I can agree that Spirits of Vengeance and Gamer are both arguably bad, but what is the third supremely shitty film? Are you referring to Crank 2?

cuckoo said...

Heavens no. Not Crank 2.

Crank 2 is wonderful.

I should have been more clearer.

Jonah Hex. Script only.

Borderline said...

Watched this earlier and it's not found footage, at least not enough to label it that. But other than that I agree with your nut. 2.5 Dougray Scott plays yet another over-protective father out of 5.