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Monday, 24 August 2015

The Hunted (1995)

Warning: western-made ninja movie! Uninspired crap guaranteed.
Hunted can't decide if it should subtitle the Japanese language sections or have them spoken in English. At one point it even starts with subs and changes to English halfway through a conversation.
Three things save it from the shit bin: the music of taiko troupe Kodō; Yoshio Harada being moody; and the beautiful Yôko Shimada. I love Yôko. I'd be attentive even if she was advertising a cure for foot odour.
The script could very easily be turned into Connor MacLeod in Japan learning how to use the samurai sword he had in the Highlander film; all that would be needed would be the addition of the whole immortality aspect.

2 giveaway shoes out of 5

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