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Saturday, 15 August 2015

The Fury (1978)

Following the perfection of Carrie (1976) with another story about powers of the mind was perhaps a questionable idea, but that’s what De Palma did. He brought Amy Irving back for more, too, placing her on a different side of the fence. Many of the stylistic turns you associate with him are in place alongside a few fascinating new ones (that spectacular scene on the stairs!).
The parent/child relationship that’s much more than surface deep is also one of best friends between the characters played by Kirk Douglas and Andrew Stevens. Douglas’ motivations stay resolute as he moves from busy beach to busy street, doing his best to avoid detection by a secret government agency. It's a fine 70s thriller, but there's a small handful of scenes that border on superfluous or could've been more tightly wound to better effect.

3½ bleeders out of 5

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