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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Killdozer (1974)

On a remote beach near the coast of Africa six men clear a site in preparation for an airstrip build, but then cheapo FX = “funny looking rock” = Killdozer!
It’s so fucking stupid. The machine’s top speed is, at a guess, about 12 kmph? A lame duck could outrun it, but still it manages to catch up to and mow over some manly men. Nevertheless, amazingly, it’s not as bad as the name implies. I was genuinely entertained by it all. It’s based on a short story by Theodore Sturgeon, the writer of Star Trek’s Amok Time (1967) episode and the man whom Kurt Vonnegut turned into the fictional Kilgore Trout.
In all honesty I’d sooner watch Killdozer again than anything big names like James Cameron or Ridley Scott have made in the last two decades.

2½ toy space gun sounds out of 5

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