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Friday, 21 August 2015

The Final Programme (1973)

aka The Last Days of Man on Earth

It’s strange that the film industry has ignored Michael Moorcock as much as they have. TFP is the only feature to date based on one of his stories. It has the Jerry Cornelius character played by Jon Finch as a kind of counter-culture, 70s hipster secret agent in a decaying world that’s just days away from destruction. There’s some clever dialogue that I suspect is lifted direct from the source, but for something that’s inherently strange the film is surprisingly dull and flat at times. The structure is too loose for its own good, and the many characters, while fun, aren't given enough time to be anything other than oddities. The jazzy music doesn't help much, because we all know it should’ve been scored by Hawkwind.

2½ puzzling doors out of 5

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