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Saturday, 8 August 2015

MINIONS [2015]

You'd have to be living under a rock that's under another rock in order to have avoided the 2015 marketing campaign for the Despicable Me spin-off/prequel film, Minions.
It's set in London, 1968, where three of the little yellow buggers have left their clan to track down the next despicable leader they need to follow and find it in Scarlet Overkill & her 2nd fiddle husband (scene-stealers Sandra Bullock & Jon Hamm). The Minions were funny in the DM films but they are simply just too much here, with their gibberish language, easy to distract little brains and general all around irksome presence. It's impressive to see that the writers got as much mileage as they did out the wordless yellow bastards for 30 entertaining minutes but clocking in at nearly an hour and a half was more than enough.  There's some really hilarious moments scattered throughout but when it was all said and done I would rather these little yellow lumps stick to minor characters, their own animated shorts or rolling down the streets of Dublin.

2 tea & scones out of 5

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