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Friday, 28 August 2015

Men of Sherwood Forest (1954)

Hammer studios clad Don Taylor in the green cloth for the first of three Robin Hood films. The studio was well-aware that we all knew who Robin Hood was, so they didn't bother with an origin story. (Take note, Marvel.) Instead, they jump right into the action. Robin and his merry men have been outlaws for a decade; Prince John is plotting to kill King Richard (who’s in Germany); Nottingham is under Sheriff rule, etc. You know the story. The only real difference from the traditional design is that Maid Marian is absent.
The heroes and their roguish antics are inoffensive. The villains are the twiddle-moustache type. The swordplay is average. Together they make a thoroughly entertaining adventure that’s rarely at rest. It reminded me very much of 1950s chapter plays, except you get it all at once.

3 false proclamations out of 5

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