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Thursday, 20 August 2015

And Soon the Darkness (1970)

Two young English girls on a cycling trip through a rural French village find themselves becoming part of an unsolved murder a year after it happened. Separated from her friend, and unable to speak the language, Jane (Pamela Franklin) doesn't know who to trust.
It’s an effective, suspenseful thriller by writers Brian Clemens (The Avengers) and Terry Nation (Dr Who) that’s free of unnecessary gimmicks. It is unusual, though, in that it takes place entirely in daylight, using the backdrop of an idyllic Gallic retreat as contrast to murky village happenings.
I perhaps wouldn't urge anyone to rush out and buy it without already being a fan of the talent involved, but if it's on your TV some evening then, yes, it’s certainly worth setting time aside to watch.

3 forest tracks out of 5

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