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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Kamen Rider: The Next (2007)

A sequel to KR: The First (2005) that's set two years after the previous disappointment. Takeshi is now a tutor teaching a class of unruly pupils. He takes a peculiar (and inappropriate) interest in one of his female students, but she has a part to play in the resulting drama, so it's okay and not creepy at all, even when he visits her home. Meanwhile, a pop idol is causing controversy.
For reasons that I can't fathom, the first half hour is a Japanese horror film, and not even a particularly good one; it's a bad Ringu (1998) rip-off.
It abandons that for a while so it can avoid being a KR movie in other ways. Eventually it has no choice but to show some masked rider action, which, like before, is well-executed but entirely soulless.
It's only during the J-Horror wrap-up that any emotional impact is felt.

2 remodellings out of 5

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