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Friday, 7 August 2015


After getting over the initial disappoint of director Adam Rehmeier's The Bunny Game not actually featuring any bunnies, I was left with disgust and discomfort.
It's pretty much about a tough-as-nails prostitute who's abducted by a truck driver that performs all sorts of demeaning, humiliating and violent acts on her in order to break her down.  Shot in a very effective black & white, we're made to squirm even more by the frantic, but impressive, editing and Rehmeier's disorienting score interpolating with a collection of Burzum source songs.  Banned by the Pip-pip's and the Derdy auld Oirish, the film isn't a pleasant watch at all and doesn't offer a whole lot more other than some reflective questions that are answered 20 minutes into the it's overly long 76 minute running time.  It might have actually been better as a short film but instead it wears out it's welcome once it makes it's questionable point and quickly dissolves into mere torture porn trash.

1½ delightful fetishes for asphyxiation out of 5

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