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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Blow Out (1981)

It’s made clear at the beginning of the film that the senses we use to filter out lies from truth can themselves deceive us. It’s a double-edged reveal that draws viewers into the narrative quickly but makes them aware of the techniques employed to achieve the manipulation. Each person will need to find their own comfortable balance in order to enjoy what comes afterwards.
Jack (Travolta) is a B-Movie sound guy. His trained ear is witness to what may or may not be a murder, but getting others to believe it proves to be difficult.
One of the people he tries to persuade is Sally (Nancy Allen). I like Nancy but she didn't convince me she was the air-head stereotype the script portrayed her as; that's a compliment from the opposite perspective.
De Palma’s trademark 360° camera movement is taken to the next level in one unforgettable scene. Just thinking about it makes me grin.

3½ isolated screams out of 5

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