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Monday, 6 July 2015

The Revenge of Frankenstein (1958)

Picking up where The Curse of Frankenstein (1957) ended, Revenge follows the Baron as he sets up his shop of secret horrors elsewhere.
There’s a surprising amount of gallows humour in the first half that some folks may find unwelcome. Personally, I didn't mind it at all.
The addition of an aide, a tragic character affected by the cruelty of a society that thinks itself civilised, lifts the remainder of the film to great heights, and that, I'm sure we can all agree, was certainly a good idea.
Don't fall into thinking the 'revenge' of the title means things have been simplified or the focus shifted. Think of it as a strong redress for a judgement, working toward proving to oneself and others that you were right all along.

4 overhauls out of 5

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