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Monday, 13 July 2015

The Machine (2013)

When the words ‘British’ and ‘science fiction’ are placed next to each other in a sentence I get excited. It's not for stupid patriotic reasons; it's because Brit sci-fi films tend to have lower budgets than their US counterparts, forcing a situation where substance takes precedence over style (i.e. less CGI). The Machine comes so close to being a superb example of that - so very close.
The story, about a struggling A.I. and a scientist driven by past failures and drowning in guilt for something that he'd no means to prevent, doesn't break any new ground thematically, but it stays evenly on the correct path.
The overall excellence, including a first-rate performance from Caity Lotz, is tainted by the addition of artificial lens flare in almost every scene. It’s like smearing luminous shit on a classy painting. If it was re-released without the offending post-production flare I’d recommend it and repurchase it.

3½ new orders out of 5

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