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Saturday, 18 July 2015

Rica (1972)

The first in a trilogy of pinku eiga starring Rika Aoki. The teenage Rica proves she's no flake by doing what’s required during an opening scene that’s designed to shock. She has a strength of character that belies her age. It then jumps back in time to show us why she’s like she is.
Pinky violence films don’t often have the amount of plot that Rica has; there’s enough packed into 90 minutes to fill two movies. Consequently, it moves at a hurried pace, jumping from event to event with too few connecting lines; a small criticism on the whole because Aoki is excellent in the role. She has the vibrancy needed to make the film stand out, and a wardrobe to match.
If there's a Rica shaped hole in your collection, fill it the first chance you get.

3½ rubber bars out of 5

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