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Friday, 31 July 2015

Linda Linda Linda (2005)

LLL is the kind of film that’s difficult to do justice with just words, for reasons that are equally difficult to define. It must be seen to be understood properly.
It’s the story of a Japanese high school festival and four girls who are set to play a gig but only have a short time in which to practice. There’s a moody one, a timid one, a laid-back one and a thoughtful one. Before the gig can happen trials must be overcome, including bonding for the new girl.
The naturalistic filming style that Yamashita opts for reminds me very much of Takeshi Kitano’s without the violence. He similarly seeks out and embraces the hilarity that can be found in everyday situations. The long scenes and static camera are able to casually partake in the sharing of a time that’ll never come again for the all-girl band, making every moment special.

5 night rehearsals out of 5

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