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Sunday, 19 July 2015

The Ghost Galleon (1974)

aka Horror of the Zombies

In a change of scenery, Amando de Ossorio sets the third film in his Blind Dead series in one of the more classic horror scenarios: the ghost ship. Lost at sea, two bikini models sent on a bizarre ad campaign, happen upon and board the shrouded vessel. While it could be argued there is a nice build-up to the undead knights' appearance, the truth is exposition really slows the story down as nearly forty minutes pass before even one is resurrected. The film's strengths lie in the atmosphere with the fog machine working overtime and an eerie hue invading the ship. The zombies look more rotten than ever as they capitalize on their victims fear and slowly encroach till it is too late. Obvious budget limitations like poor use of miniatures and day-for-night age the film considerably.

2½ long, drawn out death scenes out of 5

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