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Sunday, 19 July 2015

The Fear (1995)

A strange wooden face staring back at me from atop the horror racks. This is one movie from my video rental days I'm now thankful I was never old enough to rent. Its title never seemed to mesh too well with its box art, but now I truly understand the fear. The fear of indescernible shapes under some of the worst lighting I've ever witnessed. The fear of attempting to sum up such an incomprehensible plot. A group of college students in a secluded cabin engage in fear therapy, but upon arrival happen upon a man-sized wooden mannequin named Morty with dubious beginnings. If handled by a more competent director, this could have been a real mindfuck. Instead it was a real chore to sit through.

0 Wes Craven collects a paycheck out of 5

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