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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

The Godfather (1972)

Even though Mumble Brando sounds like a man with a gob full of marbles, his diction literally governs the first part of Coppola's Mafia trilogy. The Godfather's words linger, influencing scenes he isn't even a part of. His voice whispers innocuous assurances while his persona threatens: all who come seeking Don Vito's aid leave thinking themselves fortuitous but each one leaves bent to the Don's will, crippled by a future repayment favour.
The remainder of the film is electrically charged by Pacino and Caan. For both men the Corleone name opens doors and closes coffin lids.
Coppola is self-indulgent in the first half hour but assuredly precise with the story and with his direction once things really kick off.

4½ offers that can't be refused out of 5

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cuckoo said...

A wonderfully haunting film that I'm surprised has only made it's way to The Nutshell just now.

4 1/2 shots in the eye out of 5