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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Invincible (2001)

From afar it resembled a HK Legends cover. Up close it had Billy Zane.
A similar criticism can be applied to the film itself. From one perspective it’s The Matrix (1999) mixed with Mortal Kombat (1995), with a slice of Highlander (1986) thrown into the stolen mix. Up close it had Billy Zane as Morpheus. I’ll let that sink in for a second. Billy Zane: Morpheus. The philosophical musings and self-help guru speeches might’ve had some power if they were spoken by someone like Keith David, but Keith isn't that hard up for cash just yet.
The Bride with White Hair White Warrior could've saved a portion of it, but she was there and then she was gone like a dream or a butt-warming fart.

1 projection out of 5


cuckoo said...


Billy Zane would have me out the door before the movie even started.

Dr Faustus said...

To date, we've three Zane movies on here.

Two of them are by me. FML.

Two of them are PoS. :laugh:

The third probably ought to be. If it wasn't me reviewing it...

cuckoo said...


Billy will be around soon to collect his PoS Nutshell Award soon.

He'll be disappointed when he finds it's Mick Garris who wins year after year.

Dr Faustus said...

He might be empty handed this time but he’s still in the running for the PoS lifetime achievement award.

cuckoo said...

Make your momma proud, Billy.
Make her proud.

Borderline said...

I'm surprised the Tales from the Crypt movie Demon Knight hasn't been nutted. Zane is pretty entertaining in it. I'll have to do that one. It's one of my favorite films.

cuckoo said...

I figured bud would have done that one.

Surprised he didn't