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Friday, 10 July 2015

Night of the Comet (1984)

Red skies in the morning serve as a warning to all in Night of the Comet. The flying space-rock of the title last passed by Earth around 65 million years ago, right about the time the dinosaurs died out. Ding!
As the human race suffers the effects, Regina and her sister go shopping for clothes and shoes, accompanied by the sounds of the eighties.
The girls are spirited and entertaining enough, but the script rarely capitalises on the potential contained within it. Maybe I'm at fault for wanting it to do so; perhaps it really was supposed to be little more than it is.
In retrospect it was kind of fun seeing a post-apocalyptic world that wasn't completely depressing, even if it did have a youthful Chakotay in it.

2½ calcium dust bunnies out of 5

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Borderline said...

Supposedly this is a classic, but I didn't much like it either. I remember nothing much happening in the film.