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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

L.A. Takedown (1989)

Dir. Michael Mann was Exec Prod on the Miami Vice TV series for years, so it’s no real surprise that Takedown reminds me of it a lot of the time.
It’s visibly low budget but certainly not amateur - it’s as well-planned out as the heists undertaken by the crew that the story revolves around.
Leaving aside the bad to average acting for a second, what hurts the film most is the audio quality, both within a scene and added in post-prod. The real world intrudes on set, forcing the actors to near-shout to be heard. It’s true to city life, I suppose, but more careful editing could've been used to at least help mask the abrupt audio changes. However, all of that can be passed by reminding oneself that it was a TV pilot before being marketed as a TV movie, and that producers get very parsimonious when there are no guarantees of profit. In that respect, the story shines through the limitations.

3 disciplines out of 5

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