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Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Blob (1958)

It's unlikely that The Blob would be remembered if it didn't have Steve McQueen as the leading man, rallying the troops and being selflessly heroic. Steve wasn't yet the great actor he would go on to be but he's slightly better than the rest of the cast, although that's not saying much.
The gelatinous, faceless terror is as silly as they come, which gives it a kind of temporary charm. You'll need an appreciation of that kind of thing to enjoy it because it’s no better than some of the other 1950s 'monster from space' movies. In fact, it actually has less to offer than some of the others.
I got some jollies laughing at the idiots poking the alien rock with a stick. Mankind no longer lives in caves but we still love our poking-sticks.

2½ squeezy holes out of 5

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