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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Catchfire (1990)

aka Backtrack

Jodie plays a confident career woman who witnesses a Mafia killing, forcing her to go on the run or be next in line for a shallow grave. The police and Mafia both want to get to her before the other can, which means Fred Ward and Dennis Hopper, respectively, are on her tail.
It tries to spin the hit-man stereotype from a different angle, but it doesn't work because Hopper’s character is a shit-bag regardless of his hidden, sophisticated traits. It's not helped by the implausible changes forced upon Foster’s confused victim, which are unconvincing at best. The story goes from bad to awful to stupid and back around again for another half dozen variations of the same. I watched it right to the end, but I don’t know why.

2 pink snowballs out of 5

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