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Friday, 18 September 2015

Casualties of War (1989)

To paraphrase an unknown source, I don’t know much about war films but I know what I like. CoW is high on the list of likes.
Michael J. Fox plays a G.I. with a conscience, uncomfortable witnessing his fellow soldiers act like a law unto themselves when far from base camp. They see VC in every foreign face, terrorising the people they’re supposed to be protecting. Tensions are high, fuelled by anger, stress and the overpowering nature of the environment. Once the human evil gets underway it becomes a harrowing journey that won’t quickly be forgotten.
Amazingly, it was the only film that actress Thuy Thu Le ever made. She’s so terrifyingly convincing that you’d think her a long-time professional.

4½ non-standard practices out of 5

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