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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Mutant (1984)

aka Night Shadows

In a case of 'wrong place, wrong time,' brothers Josh and Mike (Wings Hauser and Lee Montgomery) stumble into a rural town where trouble only begins when they become a target for the local rednecks. A mysterious illness has struck, leaving a scant few townsfolk alive during the day and growing hordes of "chemical zombies" by night. The fog machine is working overtime in this one as an effectively unsettling mood is created at dusk. The acting is above average for this b-movie as locals have a wealth of southern personality. The infected do stand out among other films with their pale blue skin and darkened sockets, though their blood does resemble something closer to nacho cheese than chemically degenerated hemoglobin. As it should be, the third act is the most thrilling with the population reaching its infected heights, but it suffers by lingering in one location for too long. Comparison to genre standards is inevitable, and while there is a colorful cast and a relatively intriguing plot, it all comes off a tad underwhelming.

2½ little green men and perverts out of 5

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