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Monday, 14 September 2015


Josh Forbes makes his directorial debut with the sequel to 2013's gruesome body-horror film, Contracted.
Matt Mercer reprises his role from the first film, as Riley, the dirty pervert who had the misfortune of fucking Samantha only to pull out and find a nasty case of vaginal maggots, leading to the uber-STD being passed off to him.  Like the first film, the pacing, horribly developed characters and under-developed jumbled narrative take away from the quality but this time around it's gorier, funnier and more action-packed to make it slightly more enjoyable.
It's an utter mess but if you're aware of that from the beginning than sit back and keep the barf-bag within arms reach because you're going to need it something fierce between all the nervous laughter.

2½ contact lenses out of 5

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