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Saturday, 19 September 2015

Super Mario Bros. (1993)

Twenty minutes into SMB I was thinking that critics had been overly harsh in their condemnation of it. Yes, it was really bad, but it wasn't train-wreck bad. Approximately two minutes after that thought occurred the train arrived.
The Mario brothers, who live together but appear to have just one bedroom with a double bed, use their plumbing skills to save a world held in the tyrannical grip of Dennis Hopper, who was evidently in need of cash.
Samantha Mathis lends support; she's pretty and somehow doesn't embarrass herself as much as every male member of the cast manages to do.
Besides names and the occasional prop the world has almost no resemblance to the game world that it purports to be based on.
Bundle it with Spawn (1997) and Double Dragon (1994) and gift the trio to someone you hate for their birthday; they'll get the message.

1 fungal scrotum out of 5

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