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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Body Double (1984)

Things start out strange, but once you realise De Palma is doing for imagery what he did in relation to sound in Blow Out (1981) it looks promising. What follows, and where it ends up, will definitely and greatly split opinion.
At its best it’s a tense drama that mixes elements of Rear Window (1954) and Vertigo (1958), but it’s only at its best about half the time. The rest is ridiculous, almost laughable nonsense that’s far below De Palma’s previous standards.
What I like about it despite its many failings and frequent lack of originality is that even during the stupid scenes the camerawork is amazing.
The Hollywood setting is an important factor; more than just backdrop it’s a place where everyone is false, trying to be something they’re not.

3 tight spots out of 5

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