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Sunday, 13 September 2015

The Medusa Touch (1978)

I love discovering a film that ticks all the boxes I like ticked and makes me question how it ever managed to pass me by in the first place. It’s like unearthing an aged treasure, experienced as if it were new. The beautiful ‘old film’ feeling of 70s stock and knowing that FX aren't going to be painted pixels fills me with joy. You've guessed by now that TMT is such a film.
It begins like a regular crime drama, with a French Inspector (Lino Ventura) investigating the brutal murder of a writer in his London home.
It uses testimonies to initiate flashbacks, just like Citizen Kane (1941). They’re often accompanied by a Richard Burton V/O, and being a writer means his words have more literary power than the average Joe.
As the pieces begin to come together the film undergoes a sinister shift, taking up residence in a very different genre to that which it began.

4 victims of thought out of 5

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