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Wednesday, 9 September 2015


For the first time in his mainstream career director Judd Apatow makes a film he didn't write himself.  With a script by comedian Amy Schumer, Trainwreck refines both her and Apatow's knack for the crude, thoughtful and realistic characters like a match made in heaven.
A down-in-the-dumps city gal, who's never had a serious relationship in her life, begins having feelings for a successful doctor.
Essentially the film is a rom-com by all means but fans of Schumer & Apatow know they're not going to let it play like one.  Sure there's long stretches of hardly any laughter at all but that's alright when the characters are being developed during this down time.  In fact, Bill Hader just keeps getting better and better with each role I see him, leading me to believe he's well on his way to becoming a successful dramatic actor as well.  A well-paced film, with a few odd bumps in the road, is ultimately rewarding as you can't help but fall for the real human emotions it draws upon.

3½ Uptown Girls out of 5

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