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Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Writer/director Adam Green lets his horror-hound flag fly high with the wildly entertaining mockumentary Digging Up The Marrow.
Green plays himself (amongst a gaggle of other B-movie cult-horror icons) as he shoots a documentary about a crazy man (Ray Wise) who's begged him to make a film about the discovery of an underground place where the monsters live.  Wise is the only actor not playing himself and as always, he looks like he's having a humdinger of a good time being a nutjob resulting in just as much fun for the audience to watch.  The film ends up being pretty spirited with Green's enthusiasm for the subject matter (and Nightbreed) but unfortunately the script could have used A LOT of fine-tuning so it doesn't wander over the same tracks over and over again.

2½ Oderus Urungus' out of 5


Dr Faustus said...

I see Mick lurking in labels.

cuckoo said...

XD I laughed at Mick in this.
...or with...I'm not sure.

He played a very douchey version of himself.
...or maybe as was just him being himself.