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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Cellar Dweller (1988)

It really surprises me this underrated gem isn't more well known. Born from the mind of Chucky creator Don Mancini, it begins with a horror cartoonist (Jeffrey Combs) delving a little too deeply into the occult for inspiration. Summoning a monster from the pages of his comic Cellar Dweller he inadvertantly ends himself. An artist's work coming to life is a classic scenario. Problems with pacing are evident from the start. The prologue is done well but the following credit sequence, while fitting, slows the film down. Thirty years later a young artist (Debrah Mullowney) unknowingly resurrects the same beast from the pages of Cellar Dweller. The creature is well portrayed with a decent use of animatronics. But sadly the pacing fails once again as the suspense is lost in a lull towards the end.

3 homages to EC Comics out of 5

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