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Monday, 20 April 2015

Senn (2013)

Writer/Dir. Josh Feldman’s début is a low budget, socially-aware sci-fi set on a world that's part industrial workhouse and part slum.
Senn (Zach Eulberg) is a small cog in a much larger, exploitative, corporate machine. He’s so small that he doesn't even know what shape the machine is, but he recognises his own insignificance within it. However, unlike his co-workers, Senn has a way out even if he isn't aware of it himself.
There’s some slow-mo padding in the running time that's at worst functional but mostly it serves a dual-purpose that's powerful when it hits its mark, stirring heart and head in the process. Most of the cast are still learning their trade, but special mention must go to Lauren Taylor and Wylie Herman.

4 new strata out of 5

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