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Thursday, 9 April 2015


Director Tom Harper replaces The Woman In Black helmsman James Watkins for the vastly inferior sequel, The Angel Of Death.
This mostly bland sequel to the 2012 Hammer Films hit takes place roughly a quarter of a century later, during the UK Blitz of WWII, which made for an intriguing set-up and hopefully some new additions to the formula.  Sadly it quickly turns into the old story of traumatized woman knows the house is haunted because the mute kid likes to draw creepsome pictures but nobody believes her.  Harper retains the effectively eerie atmosphere of the first film with some wonderfully lit set-pieces (if not a little too dark at times) and well-placed props that add a great deal to the murky wiggins.  Unfortunately he resorts to a tired attack of jump scares and forgets that characters need to have character to be interesting, no matter how good Phoebe Fox is in the leading role.

1½ peep holes out of 5

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