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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Fear Clinic (2014)

After a traumatizing shooting at a diner, surviving patrons begin to put their lives back together with the help of one man's groundbreaking therapy. But when their fear makes a comeback in the form of lifelike hallucinations, they find the regarded clinic and doctor in shambles. The story builds well at first as each patient's unique fears are pinpointed in the spooky-looking Fear Chamber. A sensory-deprivation device which really would inspire nightmares more than solace. Horror veteran Robert Englund does a fine job in a savior-like role of the haunted Dr. Andover. He especially plays well off the over-inquisitive patient Sara (Fiona Dourif). The events in the latter half of the film were promising but pivotal exposition seemed to be missing in more than a few scenes, leaving a puzzling conclusion.

2 slipknots out of 5

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