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Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Inspired the Celtic Selkie legend, director Tomm Moore's second classically animated feature length, Song Of The Sea proves that Irish animation studio Cartoon Saloon is a quality force to be recognized.
This quiet, yet vibrantly beautiful designed film, tells the tale of a young mute girl who transforms into a seal when she enters the sea, while living with a family in mourning of her mother.  Unlike most character & plot driven animated films of today, this one allows it's emotions and subtle poetic depths tell the story and it makes for a deeply powerful experience.  It's a great deal darker than Moore's previous film, The Secret of Kells but it's far more superior in storytelling fluency, instantly lovable characters and memorable visuals.  A real gem of a film that will leave even the strongest of folk with a bit of something in their eye by the end.

5 trick or treaters out of 5

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