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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Morgan (2016)

Luke Scott (son of producer Ridley Scott) directs his first feature, the taut sci-fi thriller Morgan. On a secluded estate a synthetic humanoid (Anya Taylor-Joy) is grown. After an unfortunate incident a risk management specialist (Kate Mara) is sent in to survey the project's progress. As soon as you see the titular Morgan you already know the shit will hit the fan hard. It's this anticipation that keeps your attention till the action-packed climax. The impressive cast is handled moderately well, though an extra 15-20 minutes could have done wonders for the supporting characters' development. Certain pivotal characters only last one scene. Even though the twist wasn't awfully difficult to decipher, I believe this was intentional. Clues are abound in this overly succinct yet satisfying film.

3½ awkward first kisses out of 5

1 comment:

cuckoo said...

Same score.

I'm liking Anya Taylor-Joy.
She's got a great haunted look that suits the genre well.