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Monday, 12 June 2017

I Drink Your Blood (1970)

Commissioned to create an original and more logical horror flick, director David E. Durston combined a rabies epidemic with a Charles Manson-esque cult for the falsely titled I Drink Your Blood. While the movie is extremely graphic, there is no vampirism nor cannibalism whatsoever. In an act of revenge, meat pies laced with infected animal blood are fed to a motley crew of satanists. Despite this laughable premise, the story works as the real-life hydrophobia symptoms spread throughout the rural town. Any fan of Romero, Lewis or even early Craven will appreciate this one. Admirably, this sleazy grindhouse classic has little subtext, and is simply a gruesome horror film attempting to shock and disgust.

3 frothy grins out of 5

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