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Monday, 12 June 2017


Wolf Creek director Greg McLean misses the mark the with violent thrill-ride The Belko Experiment.
In a Battle Royale-esque set-up an isolated office building is put on lockdown when the employees are ordered to kill each other or else everyone dies.
With a script penned by James Gunn one would expect it to be a real hoot but somehow director McLean sucks all the fun out it by taking it far too seriously.  One can tell there were funny moments in Gunn's original script but without his comedic timing and visual influence it all falls flat.  Perhaps if it were smart or more imaginative with it's kills (think Operation: Endgame's bat-shit crazy office supply murders) it might have worked but there's none to be found here either.  It threatens to erupt with complete madness but never really does with the exception of a near hit in the final act.  It just never quite reaches it full potential and leaves much to desired.

2½ perverts out of 5

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