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Monday, 19 June 2017

Sherlock Holmes in New York (1976)

Roger Moore's only onscreen stint as Holmes paired him with Patrick Macnee as Dr. Watson (his first but not last time in the role). Moore is simply Moore with a deerstalker and pipe, prancing about hurriedly when there's "devilry afoot!" Macnee gives his character a trait, but forcing a voice that sounds like the morning after a potcheen binge was an odd way to go about it.
The story has Moriarty, butt-hurt and angry he vows to commit the crime of the century, one that Holmes will be powerless to solve, thus demeaning the esteemed hero and sullying his reputation. What follows has some interesting twists and turns, and the manner in which Moriarty (a miscast John Huston) uses the Baker Street sleuth's investigative drive against him is a shrewd plot device. Overall, there are better and worse Sherlock films than SH in NY.

2½ profundities out of 5

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