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Thursday, 15 June 2017


Non-actress rich girl Paris Hilton isn't as hot as she thinks she is, except she doesn't seem to know it in the apparently funny The Hottie & The Nottie.
Executive produced by Hilton, the story suffers from She's All That syndrome, when a doofus lusts after the so-called Hottie while the not-so Nottie slowly gets better looking over the duration of the film and !spoiler alert! he falls for the now-gorgeous Nottie in the end.
Each character is supposed to be lovably funny but are completely unaware of how shallow they actually are (and so are the writers), so when they actually attempt to expose their inner beauty it makes them even uglier and even more shallow.  I'd probably publicly enjoy pure hot sauce pouring out of my blistered anus rather than endure this intolerable bile ever again.

-1 snot bubble out of 5

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