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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Bloodletting (1997)

I thought shot-on-video productions were a thing of the far past until I popped in this late 90's b-movie. The story really isn't that bad as an amateur detective with a hard on for serial killers tracks one down and blackmails him into passing down his trade. As they kill together it turns into a romance. The acting is feeble, but despite a lack of budget you can really sense the gusto the actors put into their lines. The clever albeit unrealistic dialogue is the high point in the film. I found myself enjoying it more than I would like to admit. There's no surprise they went overboard with the violence. In these low budget ventures gore is usually the answer to poor performances and lack of star power. But apparently the director intentionally cast a cornucopia of b-grade regulars as an ode to bottom of the barrel cinema. If you're not already familiar with these films then this is a true waste of time.

1 exploding baby out of 5

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