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Tuesday, 13 June 2017


Controversial director Victor Salva creates a new creature feature horror franchise with Jeepers Creepers.
It follows a bickering brother & sister as they cross through the countryside where they find they're the target of one of it's bloodthirsty locals.
The first half of the film promises something simple, yet unique, with some tense pacing and effectively frightening atmosphere.  Yet after a simple phone call, the entire movie falls flat on it's face and dives into predictability, silliness and a jumbled mess of bad plotting that doesn't resemble anything scary, suspenseful or smart.  I know it's easy to not like Salva, considering his past endeavors, but if he actually put as much work into the final half of the film, as he did the first, I'd actually award it with more deserving praise.

2½ crazy cat ladies out of 5

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