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Tuesday, 23 February 2016


I'm willing to lose what little credibility I had in admitting I don't actually mind light, predictable fluffy movies, like director Nancy Meyers' The Intern.
A likable old widower decides to liven up his life a little by getting a job as a senior intern at an internet fashion site, where he takes orders from a career-crazed woman that can't seem to get a grasp on her personal life.
It's very much a fantasy world where all big crisis' are solved with a short conversation and a hug, resolutions are a plenty and all the evils of the real world are non-existent.  With that being said, it's easy to call it a flick purely made for dear old mom to escape to for two hours.  De Niro & Hathaway's chemistry is actually quite convincingly cute with such a charm I quite enjoyed each scene they shared together.  To call this is a comedy is giving it too much credit but it has some warming humor in it, mostly from it's great cast of supporting characters, who are more than just silly padding.

3 Ocean's teams out of 5

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