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Saturday, 20 February 2016


Regular Will Ferrel film director Adam McKay takes a slight step out of his comfort zone with the funny biographical drama The Big Short.
It tells the story of th 2007-2008 U.S. mortgage housing crisis and follows four unrelated high-finance figures who foresee the financial collapse and try to milk it for everything they can.
It's not a particularly interesting tale nor is it easy to follow and fortunately McKay & a slew of high profile names make it easier for the average viewer to digest.  Thankfully the dryness of the subject matter is sprinkled with a wicked sense of humor and despicable, yet entertaining, oddball characters giving it an enticing push into an easy-to-follow pace.
McKay's usual brand of silly humor is replaced with a brainy cynicism that might still be funny but never forgets the seriousness of the topics at hand here.  In short, it's like a dull accounting class being effectively taught by an angry clown that's determined to make even the thickest of fools understand.

3½ Margo Robbie's in a bubble-bath out of 5

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