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Thursday, 18 February 2016

AMSAL [2015]


Hit & miss South Korean director Dong-Hoon Choi's espionage action film Amsal is so damned thrilling it's easy to forgive it's heavy missteps.  
During the 1930's in South Korea while under still under the Japanese occupation, a rag-tag team of Independence fighters are hired to assassinate the Japanese commander.
It's sort of flamboyantly stylish ride that it immediately made me think it's like something Sergio Leone and John Woo would make together if they just wanted to have mindless fun.  The catch is that the film isn't entirely mindless, in fact it's packed with enough characters and plot twists it's almost hard to keep up with.  The biggest flaw is it's lack of fleshed out characters, especially considering there's so damned many of them.
However with some brilliantly executed action sequences and all around awesome aesthetics it manages to be an insanely fun but bumpy ride.

3½ good shots in the dark out of 5

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